Inlet Potential Map

Inlet-Opening Potential along the Outer Banks, NC

Shown above  is the standard Google Maps “Satellite”. to  view overlain by a transparent layer of inlet-opening potential along the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. See the key for the classification levels. Note, the transparency of the inlet-opening-potential layer can be adjusted using the sliding bar at the bottom of the view. The data, where available, highlight the areas with greatest potential for the opening of an inlet during a major storm. Because the opening of an inlet will sever the major transportation route (i.e., Highway 12) along the OBX, such an event is expected to have complicating effects along the OBX as occurred during Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Although many factors are hypothesized to affect inlet opening, the approach used to quantify the hazard is accurate, simple and straightforward, using cross-section measurements of the island volume above sea level (Perkins et al., 2007; Walsh et al., submitted).

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